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Re: [K12OSN] Maybe Linux is ready for the desktop

Carl Keil wrote:
I have a couple of 12 year old kids staying at my house for a few weeks. When I found one of them using it I asked him if he'd ever
used Linux. He said, "No, what's that?" I pointed to the screen and
explained to him what an operating system was. He had been happily
surfing the web. The only instructions I gave him earlier were to
point at the terminal and say log in as foo/bar.

Just thought I'd share.  I was pretty dumbfounded, actually.  I
thought he'd need me to tell him where stuff was, etc.

I've had one K12LTSP server in operation for the past year in a K-6 setting using ThinkNic's as clients. I've had few questions after one 2 hour inservice with the teachers. I have another server ready for deployment this fall and I was having 2 eleventh grade honor students test it out for me. My quip of "well, the kindergarter's have been using it for a year with no problem" was enough to stop their nagging. Once testing was done, I said all they had to do to go back to windows was shut down, remove the boot floppies, and restart. Strangely enough, they continued to use the terminal server for another month until school ended.

From my experience, any student can sit in front of KDE, GNOME, and IceWM without a problem.
Eric Feldhusen
Network Administrator for Adams, Chassell,
Dollar Bay, and Lake Linden Public Schools

email: eric remc1 k12 mi us

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