[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Andrew Fournier adfour at mtaonline.net
Sun May 2 20:11:11 UTC 2004

Actually, i don't care. Unless it is a matter of conserving public
funds- or asking me to clean up your viruses. The thing that caught my
eye here was the claim that syncing with a pda couldn't be done in
linux. Assuming, as was the clear implication in the first post, that
one WISHED to use linux, but could not, due to its deficiencies, it
seems reasonable to advise regarding opensource solutions, and to
suggest that a solution be sought before the complaint is made. My
pesronal tastes in personal organizers actually tend towards "post it"
notes and refrigerator magnets. I don't actually care if you use
cuneiform. My issue was that I hear to much about what can't be done by
folks who haven't tried.- and somehow the os seems to bear the
responsibility for this lack of effort. Yancey initially said "When
syncing with a Pocket PC device becomes fully realized on Linux, then I
may revisit my choice (but then again, maybe not - it's my CHOICE). "
You see the condition in the statement? I was addressing that condition.

 On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 11:54, Jason Neiffer wrote:
> I have been a fly on the wall for most of this discussion because it's the
> kind of discourse that I think gives the open source community a poor
> perception among outsiders, but...
> What if you like the closed source/Windows version of something better?  I
> use Outlook 2003 for email because I like it more.  I can't even tell you
> why, other than I simply prefer that application.  I use OO.org a lot for
> office suite needs, I use AbiWord for fast notes (because it is wicked
> fast), and I use the GIMP for most visual editing (and I love 2.0).  I even
> find myself logging into my K12LTSP box more often now for most tasks (I use
> it as a classroom server with 10 clients).  But, I still use Outlook and for
> that matter, the software that came with my old Palm Pilot which plugs
> nicely into Outlook.  Who cares?  Does someone have to be 100% either way?
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> No, I hadn't. There are free opensource linux distributions for pdas,
> Ipaqs among them. OpenZaurus supports some ipaqs, and there are other
> projects.I don't know if your particular model is supported, but it is
> worth a look. My point was that a solution for the linux pda issue
> exists, that it might apply to yours, and that it is far too common to
> hear that there is no solution from folks who haven't really looked
> yet.The hard part of acculturating to opensource (or any other kind of
> freedom) is that it implies more responsibility, to research, write, and
> ask---to find workable consistent solutions rather than to be
> bushwhacked by folks who thrive on you doin' what they tell ya to,
> whether it's good for you or not. Sorry if my reply seems extreme. I
> keep having the discussion re k12ltsp and linux generally that "there is
> no one to support it..." and stuff like that despite the presence of 2
> lugs, a university and several colleges in the area. There seems to be a
> trend toward a certain ability to pass the buck and pay the vendor that
> if ind disturbing.
> On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 08:40, Yancey B. Jones wrote:
> > > I thought openzaurus had some way to sync your pda in evolution?
> > > Andrew Fournier
> > 
> > Well, I don't have a Zaurus - you must have missed the part where I said I
> > have an iPAQ.
> > 
> > -Yancey
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