[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Yancey B. Jones ybjones at one.net
Sun May 2 20:25:29 UTC 2004

> No, I hadn't. There are free opensource linux distributions 
> for pdas, Ipaqs among them. OpenZaurus supports some ipaqs, 
> and there are other projects.I don't know if your particular 
> model is supported, but it is worth a look. My point was that 
> a solution for the linux pda issue exists, that it might 
> apply to yours, and that it is far too common to hear that 
> there is no solution from folks who haven't really looked 
> yet.The hard part of acculturating to opensource (or any other kind of
> freedom) is that it implies more responsibility, to research, 
> write, and ask---to find workable consistent solutions rather 
> than to be bushwhacked by folks who thrive on you doin' what 
> they tell ya to, whether it's good for you or not. Sorry if 
> my reply seems extreme. I keep having the discussion re 
> k12ltsp and linux generally that "there is no one to support 
> it..." and stuff like that despite the presence of 2 lugs, a 
> university and several colleges in the area. There seems to 
> be a trend toward a certain ability to pass the buck and pay 
> the vendor that if ind disturbing.

I was not aware that OpenZaurus supported anything besides the Zaurus.
According to their site, it does not support the 5555. However, I am
seriously looking at Familiar using Opie as the desktop. I just get a little
nervous when I start playing in areas that are unfamiliar (no pun intended)
and where I could render my iPAQ inoperable.

I know that there is plenty of support for Linux (look at this newsgroup
alone). I support Linux for some of my clients and have recommended Linux
over Windows on multiple occasions. But then I know what resources are
available in my area. Just so that you are aware, I have looked at other
solutions (I looked at the Zaurus and at Palm based PDA's also) and I chose
to use the iPAQ 5555 and live with what it syncs with. I actually happen to
like Outlook so having a PDA that only syncs with it was really a non-issue
for me. If I were a Linux only user then I would have likely still purchased
the iPAQ and replaced CE with a Linux based distro.


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