[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Yancey B. Jones ybjones at one.net
Mon May 3 05:54:58 UTC 2004

> 	here I was, thinking that this thread was already 
> beaten to death, but you've managed to rescue it. Allow me to 
> explain: a "practical"
> decision without "philosophical" underpinnigs at best 
> constitutes intellectual laziness, at worst, antisocial 
> behavior. Refusal to see the connection between one's actions 
> and the world at large is very convenient, even comfortable, 
> cognitive disconnect not-withstanding. I've seen today a "get 
> out of Iraq' bumper sticker, on a Hummer.

I am sorry that you feel that way. Did you really need to resort to insults
to try and prove a point? Or does your open mind simply close to the fact
that there are other choices out there beyond open source software? You may
view Microsoft as Satan incarnate, but I don't. And by golly, my
intelectually lazy mind just can't wrap itself around the idea that my
decision to use Outlook constitutes anything more than me exercising my
right to choose.


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