[K12OSN] XP Client Authentication woes

Joe Faletra jfaletra at sau16.org
Mon May 3 12:19:01 UTC 2004

I have a lab that is on a windows 2000 domain called spdc-ctrl.  In SME
I told the box to be a domain controller and gave it a workgroup name

The clietns error out with no domain controller available.  We
"disconnect" all of the 2000 servers when using the "linux" setup (the
servers are on a sperate switch and we just disconnect all the clients
and plug them in to the linux server switch)

Any ideas?  Could the XP machines be caching info?  Could I be missing
a checkbox on SME?


Joe Faletra
School Administrative Unit 16
Districts Manager for Technology Support Services
T: 603-775-8576
F: 603-775-8487

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