[K12OSN] Top post vs Bottom post

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon May 3 14:02:39 UTC 2004

> Top posters tend to hit the 
> reply button and just add their comments resulting in long 
> posts. 
> Bottom posters are more likely to snip and comment 
> only on the areas addressed by them resulting in shorter 

It looks to me that you are implying that no message on the list should
ever be replied too.  That all messages should be created new, and the
[SNIP] cut and pasted into this new message, then the snip noted as such
and all lines of the snip manually denoted with a special character,
then the relevant reply posted beneath.

Is this correct?  If so, wow!  Maybe I don't have time to post anymore
:-)  Just hitting reply and typing my 2 cents is a lot more efficient to
my schedule and makes it easier to quickly respond during other tasks.
I will try to follow suit and post as requested, but understand that if
we want a larger community of involved posters, less rules means more
interaction.  I sure don't want to miss out on some key advice because
someone doesn't have time to properly post.  Heck, just think of where
this list would be if we made Chuck L. complete sentences and have
correct punctuation (Sorry Chuck :-)  Not that he can't, but he is
probably very busy and a quick incomplete sentence gets his point across
and helps us, while not impeding too much of his day.  

I appreciate the knowledge of good ettiquette, but don't let it kill the
free posting to the list.

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