[K12OSN] SME Server Custom ISO

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Mon May 3 19:49:50 UTC 2004

> The 'allowed list' is the domain(s) you configured to accept 
> mail.  That would be correct for someone outside sending 
> because you don't want to be an open relay that anyone can 
> use to forward spam.  However it isn't identifying your local 
> machines correctly to allow them to send anywhere. Maybe when 
> you only have one interface you have to add everything to the 
> 'local networks' list explicitly.

I checked the /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts file and it says
readysetschool.org and mail.readysetschool.org are able to send.  I am
sending from the account jim at readysetschool.org when I get the error.  I
agree the setup but don't get why this is canning me.  I will keep


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