[K12OSN] WBEL Mail Server

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Tue May 4 19:25:41 UTC 2004

On Tue, 4 May 2004, Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> I am going to attempt to build a mail server from WBEL.  The
> requirements are to be able to host multiple domains, have webmail (I
> prefer OpenWebmail), have anti-spam (I prefer SpamAssassin), have
> anti-virus (It looks like ClamAV is most common), and a mailing list
> manager.
> If anyone has advice or recommendations on what to use or how to
> configure it please let me know.  From what I have found a lot of users
> use Postfix instead of Sendmail (I don't know why).  The way I
> understand so far is Sendmail would hand to Procmail, Procmail to
> SpamAssassin and back and then deliver locally.  The Webmin had a quick
> fix to have Procmail and SpamAssassin talk but I don't know how to have
> Sendmail deliver to Procmail.  Then do I need to configure Amavis or
> something to tie in ClamAV?
> Les recommended using Sendmail and MimeDefang, what does MimeDefang do
> (Antivirus or Spam)?
> For now I really liked the ease of SME server but the canned package has
> me worried for future expansion or modifications, I think WBEL would
> offer more flexability (Such as using OpenWebmail instead of Horde).
> Any comments?
> I have looked all over and can't really find a good "how to" on a full
> featured email server.
	when it comes to ease of install, it is hard to beat squirrelmail.
i run it on a k12 built server, all the software available via apt-get. i
run it with spamassassin deamon, with scanmail (much easier than
mimedefang to configure), with sophos av, but just about any av can be
used. the whole thing works very well, has many plugins available and is
not too awful to set up. the basic functionality is pretty good out of the
box, and then you can extend it by plugins.

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