[K12OSN] WBEL Mail Server

Bert Rolston bert.rolston at clear.net.nz
Wed May 5 03:29:12 UTC 2004

Hi Julius,

How does it handle domain mail?

Can it drag the whole lot down to the local server, or does each user
have to get the e-mail from the ISP?

Could you give me a "mud map" schem,atic with appropriate modules. I've
got Squirrel mail working, and it is Simple to install. Domain mail is a
bit of a puzzle for me still.


On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 07:25, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> On Tue, 4 May 2004, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> > I am going to attempt to build a mail server from WBEL.  The
> > requirements are to be able to host multiple domains, have webmail (I
> > prefer OpenWebmail), have anti-spam (I prefer SpamAssassin), have
> > anti-virus (It looks like ClamAV is most common), and a mailing list
> > manager.
> >
> > If anyone has advice or recommendations on what to use or how to
> > configure it please let me know.  From what I have found a lot of users
> > use Postfix instead of Sendmail (I don't know why).  The way I
> > understand so far is Sendmail would hand to Procmail, Procmail to
> > SpamAssassin and back and then deliver locally.  The Webmin had a quick
> > fix to have Procmail and SpamAssassin talk but I don't know how to have
> > Sendmail deliver to Procmail.  Then do I need to configure Amavis or
> > something to tie in ClamAV?
> >
> > Les recommended using Sendmail and MimeDefang, what does MimeDefang do
> > (Antivirus or Spam)?
> >
> > For now I really liked the ease of SME server but the canned package has
> > me worried for future expansion or modifications, I think WBEL would
> > offer more flexability (Such as using OpenWebmail instead of Horde).
> > Any comments?
> >
> > I have looked all over and can't really find a good "how to" on a full
> > featured email server.
> >
> Jim,
> 	when it comes to ease of install, it is hard to beat squirrelmail.
> i run it on a k12 built server, all the software available via apt-get. i
> run it with spamassassin deamon, with scanmail (much easier than
> mimedefang to configure), with sophos av, but just about any av can be
> used. the whole thing works very well, has many plugins available and is
> not too awful to set up. the basic functionality is pretty good out of the
> box, and then you can extend it by plugins.
> julius
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