[K12OSN] LTSP has been Slashdotted

Pete pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Wed May 5 17:53:33 UTC 2004

I am busy with an K12LTSP project with NDS as the authentication server.
the /home on Linux is actually a ncpmount

Cewl stuff once it is all working, especially the pam_auth module in 
ncpfs is confusing.


Matthew Ross wrote:

> Suse has been doing good things since (and even before) Novell took 
> over. I must admit my interest in Suse has picked up recently...
> K12LTSP is a Fedora based project, I know. But, I think it would only 
> be wise if this project was on speaking terms with Suse's efforts with 
> Curious: Anybody already in contact with them?
> -Matt
> Chris Thomas wrote:
>> Here is an article about LTSP and maybe Novell getting
>> into the thin client business.
>> http://slashdot.org/articles/04/05/05/1553211.shtml?tid=126&tid=163
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