[K12OSN] how can I make a dvd of k12ltsp CD-ISOs

atillax at gmx.ch atillax at gmx.ch
Wed May 5 19:28:46 UTC 2004


I hava downloaded 4 CD-ISOs of K12LTSP v4.0.1.

But trying to make a DVD of these failed!!!

For example. 

I take just CD 1. Burn it with nero to a CD-RW and boot it. That works.

But if I mount the CD 1, copy all the files in a directory, and than try to
create a boot CD(isoimage.bin etc.) it does not do a media check and the
error message is "no cd media found". 

What do I wrong?
What are the options to burn a boot cd with Nero?
Is there a manual for that?

Thanks to all

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