[K12OSN] Thin Clients that Work...

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu May 6 21:24:25 UTC 2004

I've just finished demo-ing 2 different thin clients.
#1 was from http://www.affirmative.net/extrathin.html#mini
it's the Yestation Mini, at $395 msrp it's a bit steep but maybe the
power usage savings would offset cost a bit? *shrugs*
Was also in touch with a vendor who said he could get them to me for
e-mail me for info, as I didn't request his permission to post his
details to the list.
Lovely little system that one as it's size and mere 10 watt power usage
makes it quite attractive! As you can see on the website the client is
small enough to fit on the back of a LCD screen or to the side of a CRT.
#2 was from http://www.neoware.com
The Capio One, at $199 it's a HARD deal to beat for a new thin client!
Sharp looking silver metalic unit with clip-on base stand..this one
about 100 watts though.
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