[K12OSN] Free Software ISP-style web hosting app?

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri May 7 02:08:11 UTC 2004

Hello folks,

The Business Dept. in my district has an idea to teach kids how to build 
Web sites, complete with cgi-bin and MySQL, and they wish to present the 
students with an "real-live ISP like" Web server to do this on.  To my 
surprise and delight, they have decided to use GNU/Linux for this!  They 
have already purchased RHEL for this purpose and have asked me to 
install it.

There's an app out there called cPanel that apparently ISPs use to make 
it very easy for customers to administer their MySQL databases, install 
their cgi scripts, do email, etc.  Our business dept. is looking for an 
app like that, and the reason is that they want the students to be able 
to make Web sites, again, as if they were doing it on a "real" Web 
hosting system, and also the administrator of this system will be a 
business teacher (read: not me).

Is anyone aware of a web hosting "control panel" that runs in a GUI and 
is Free Software?  I had suggested Webmin to the guy running this pilot, 
and he's aware of it, but Webmin is for sysadmins.  This cPanel app also 
handles the "customers" (students, in this case).  So why not just go 
with cPanel?  It's because cPanel requires a boatload of TCP and UDP 
ports to be opened wide from the outside through the district firewall 
(cPanel, Inc. says it's for license compliance verification), and the 
firewall administrator is, rightly, not about to allow that to happen.

Thanks in advance,


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