[K12OSN] Linux-based helpdesk software

Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Fri May 7 13:41:47 UTC 2004

BTW, the software I used was WebTeacher's WebData.  Very easy to use, and 
set up databases in.

Not expensive and once you purchase it, you can make as many databases 
with it as you wish.


On Thu, 6 May 2004, troybanther wrote:

> Is there any Linux-based or web-based Help Desk software? I am
> looking to find or create an IT-centered asset tracking or problem
> report type of database.
> I have searched the web until my eyeballs hurt but can only find
> extremely expensive software like this.
> I would welcome a simple OCalc, SCalc, or Excel sheet that does this
> without re-inveting the wheel.
> Troy Banther
> http://banther-trx.homeunix.com
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