[K12OSN] Linux-based helpdesk software

Jáder Marasca jader31 at terra.com.br
Fri May 7 13:59:36 UTC 2004

Try helpdesk one or zero  (http://helpdesk.oneorzero.com/)

I´m using it on my site with great success (helpdesk.linuxfacil.net) ... 
I can generate invoices in PDF format!! GREAT!!
And there are the all-powerfull CERBERUS but is pay-ware!

troybanther wrote:

>Is there any Linux-based or web-based Help Desk software? I am
>looking to find or create an IT-centered asset tracking or problem
>report type of database.
>I have searched the web until my eyeballs hurt but can only find
>extremely expensive software like this.
>I would welcome a simple OCalc, SCalc, or Excel sheet that does this
>without re-inveting the wheel.
>Troy Banther
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