[K12OSN] Unable to boot from CD to install K12 LSTP 4.0.1

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri May 7 14:47:36 UTC 2004

> I am at a loss.  The CD's still will not boot on the test 
> machine, even though other distributions boot successfully, 
> using the same CDR's, burned at the same speed.  

If you wanted to try one last thing you could swap the CD from the known
working machine that booted the CD successfully and install it into your
test machine.  If that still doesn't work then I am at a loss as well.
I have experienced similar problems however and this type of swap has
worked for me.  A lot of the newer cheaper CDR's have given me very
irradic behavior with different CDROM's without any correlation to age
or type with OS9, WinX, and Linux.  Just one last thing to try which
should only take a couple of minutes.

For example I have a set of WBEL disks that I loaded 4 test machines
with without a hitch, then the 5th didn't work, swapped CDROM's and it
booted.  I then burned another set of CD's with the same ISO's on the
same type of media, and the bum CDROM booted fine in the 5th machine.  I
makes absolutely no sense, but who cares, it works now.

Good luck

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