[K12OSN] Tracking usage

Roger roger at efn.org
Fri May 7 16:31:41 UTC 2004

Around Wed,May 05 2004, at 01:04,  Roger, wrote:
> Around Wed,May 05 2004, at 03:36,  Christopher K. Johnson, wrote:
> >Roger wrote:
> >
> I'll look at that.  I kind of forgot about that.  I also discovered 
> /etc/X11/gdm/PostSession
> I figure it best to grab the data as it happens rather than parse log 
> files later.
What I settled on was in the /etc/kde3/kdm/ directory, I added the
'mysql select' statement that I wanted to Xstartup and Xreset.  I did
use the 'hostserver' variable in both Xstartup and Xreset.  At least now
if someone just power offs the client, when it boots up it clears the
prior persons login.
The database logs username,machine name, start-time, stop-time.

Just in case anybody else was wondering about a solution.

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