[K12OSN] Pentium 166 mHz Machines as Clients?

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Fri May 7 17:09:26 UTC 2004


I just rolled in a handtruck load of IBM 300GL machines that were slated
for disposal and was wondering how well suited they might be for use as
clients? They are currently set up with P-166 processors, 64 MB of PC-66 (I
think) RAM and Old Skool Soundblaster 16-bit sound cards. Got to go look to
see if the network cards are 10BASE-T or 100, but most stuff around here
seems to be the latter, so I am hopeful.

 I figure there is a good probability that I can successfuly overclock
these machines at the max 200 mHz the MB will support, or I can buy the
processors at near-scrap value, whatever. 

Will these things do OK as clients?, What do y'all think? Ive got nine of
them, and the price was certainly right.

Orangeburg, Sunny SC

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