[K12OSN] Can't change IP address for eth1?!?!

Duane Wilson aaa at pacifier.com
Fri May 7 21:50:41 UTC 2004

>If you are starting from a box already running X, ssh takes
>care of all the magic for you.  Just log in as root through
>ssh and type in 'redhat-config-network' and a new window will
>open on your desktop.  That should work with any X program
>if you know the name to start it.  On linux everything defaults
>to make this work.  If you are starting from windows you
>have to do some extra work to be sure the DISPLAY setting
>is exported and give ssh the -X option.
Thanks Les,
    Got my problem solved.  I was editing ifcfg-eth1 in the networking 
directory instead of the network-scripts directory!!!


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