[K12OSN] server needs

Brian Chase networkr0 at cfl.rr.com
Mon May 10 01:04:04 UTC 2004

OpenOffice is the hog of the lot, but it sounds like a small 
installation where you could get by with a recent  Athlon processor or 
Pentium 4 motherboard, with a bunch of RAM.   I'd make sure the 
motherboard takes 12 Gig or better, they are few and far between, but 
you'll do ok to start with around 4 Gig of RAM, with the ability to 
expand that up to the full 12 Gig as you grow.  If you're on a budget, 
but need RAID, consider Serial ATA RAID with a 3ware adapter, since that 
vendor plays very well with linux.  I'd also be loading K12LTSP rather 
than trying to load LTSP ontop of another linux build.

Best of luck.


Lee Myrick wrote:

> We're are in the planning stages of setting up our K12ltsp project. 
> We're probably going to end up building our thin clients from scratch, 
> but my concern right now is the server (we'll either be building this 
> ourselves or buying used). I want to get this purchase right the first 
> time. We're a small public charter middle/high school with a 
> performing arts focus--only 92 students this year, doubling next year, 
> and topping out at 250 by year three with no growth in population 
> after that.
> We're moving into our permanent location this summer. The building has 
> a quite open floor plan and the clients will be scattered throughout 
> the building in open banks of 5 or so. We're going to start with 15 to 
> 20 clients for now, but want to be able to grow to 40-50 by the time 
> we reach max population in year three. We'll be running Open Office 
> and a web browser on the clients, but not much else.
> So--I want to able to run all the clients off the same server (I 
> think). My  main question is, what are the minimum specs I want for a 
> server that will take us through year three in our plan and beyond? 
> There are a lot of choices out there, both in used servers and new 
> components. Any advice from anyone running a similar load on their 
> ltsp server would be appreciated.
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