[K12OSN] server needs

Joe Faletra jfaletra at sau16.org
Mon May 10 12:41:50 UTC 2004

I have built a server for $2100.00 with the following specs.

Dual Xeon 2.6ghs 533/.mhz bus
Intel SE7501HG2 Mainboard
3x 36GB SCSI 15k HDD
Supermicro tower chasis (comes with SCA backplane)

I can run 35 thinclients with no issues.  I would use 50mb or RAM per
client regardless of the GUI.  However, the more RAM the happier the

You can get the above parts from 

Micro Computer Center
ATTN: Joe Lore
joe at mcc-ma.com
781-933-5530  x110 

"Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com>
>We're are in the planning stages of setting up our K12ltsp project. 
>We're probably going to end up building our thin clients from scratch, 
>but my concern right now is the server (we'll either be building this 
>ourselves or buying used). I want to get this purchase right the first 
>time. We're a small public charter middle/high school with a
>arts focus--only 92 students this year, doubling next year, and
>out at 250 by year three with no growth in population after that.
>We're moving into our permanent location this summer. The building has 
>a quite open floor plan and the clients will be scattered throughout 
>the building in open banks of 5 or so. We're going to start with 15 to 
>20 clients for now, but want to be able to grow to 40-50 by the time
>reach max population in year three. We'll be running Open Office and a 
>web browser on the clients, but not much else.
>So--I want to able to run all the clients off the same server (I 
>think). My  main question is, what are the minimum specs I want for a 
>server that will take us through year three in our plan and beyond? 
>There are a lot of choices out there, both in used servers and new 
>components. Any advice from anyone running a similar load on their
>server would be appreciated.
>Lee Myrick
>Information Services Administrator
>Renaissance Arts Academy
>lee at renarts.org
>626-564-0902 home office
>323-259-5700 school site
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