[K12OSN] OT: Advice of home cable modem gateway for student's home.

Tim Litwiller tim at litwiller.net
Mon May 10 15:50:16 UTC 2004

I see you have some good suggestions already - ipcop with dansguardian 
or censornet. would be my 2 favorites for your situation.

aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org wrote:

>I am in a real pickle.  I need to supply a student's home with a cable
>modem gateway which filters and/or logs web traffic. And has an easy
>enough interface for mom and dad.  Options?
>ClarkConnect Home Edition ?
>SME Server ?
>LTSPK12 with DansGuardian and Webmin ?
>Go with some PC/Windows based solution ?
>Thank you for your time,
>Tom Ventresco
>Austintown Local Schools
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