[K12OSN] Quad 450's as K12 Server?

Tom Brown tbrown at michiana.org
Mon May 10 16:25:06 UTC 2004

At 08:50 AM 5/10/04 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 08:26, Shawn Austin wrote:
> > If you do a benchmark on a 1.8GHz machine, and the quad 450, you will
> > find that the quad 450 does not even rank in the same ball park.  You
> > also must consider that the ram that is in such a old machine will not
> > be anywhere as quick as a modern machine would have.
> >
>They probably would make very good file servers to hold home
>or shared directories if the existing drives are big enough.
>File service is not as CPU intensive as application service
>and you could take advantage of the RAID and hot-swap

I want to amplify Mike's advice.

Free Geek Michiana received two donated multi-cpu Compaq servers. They are 
fine for file, print, web service but terrible for boot and application 
service. Additional memory is very expensive as the specs are high and chip 
volumes are low. So we never upgraded the RAM which limits the boxes' 
usefulness. The servers are also very loud -- we nicknamed them the 
Turbines. Great for heating small rooms. They are bullet proof, 
figuratively. K12LTSP loaded on the servers without a problem. Debian 
stable had difficulties which were resolved be upgrading to Debian testing.


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