[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN FrontPage like app?

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Tue May 11 00:50:01 UTC 2004

Paul Nelson wrote:
>>Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 23:14:09 +0100
>>From: "Gavin Spurgeon" <gsp at leighctc.kent.sch.uk>
>>Subject: [K12OSN] FrontPage Like app ?
>>Hi All...
>>Just a quickie..
>>Dose anyone know of a Micro$oft FrontPage like app, I can use on LTSP ?
>>I have a teacher how would like to do a very simple Intro into WebPages
>>and wants to use her old recourses from when she dose this lesson on
>>M$ FrontPage..
> You already have two installed on your K12LTSP server, 1) Mozilla
> composer and OpenOffice.org html editor. 
> After using composer for a couple of years I'm starting to play with OO
> and I'm liking it too. Both allow direct editing of html code as well as
> wysiwyg.

That's what I love about them, especially Composer.  They are simple to 
use.  I can write the code in one tab and then view the result in 
another.  Even for an html codewriter like me, this simplifies the process.

> ;-) Paul

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