[K12OSN] Frontpage Like app ?

Timothy Smith smithco1 at hotmail.com
Tue May 11 17:57:54 UTC 2004

> Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 07:21:12 +0000
> From: Justin Paulsen
> Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Frontpage Like app ?
> If your looking for free there are a number of Linux based solutions
> available.  If you want something slightly more advanced Dreamweaver
> runs well under wine/Crossover Office.
> Other wise some of the native Linux ones are Quanta, Bluefish, Amaya,
> Nvu, and IBM's WebSphere Homepage Builder.
> I have only tried Quanta, Bluefish, and Dreamweaver and currently only
> use Dreamweaver.  Nvu I believe was still in beta last I looked.
> Good luck!  :)

I was waiting for someone to mention dreamweaver. As I'm sure most of us on
the list know, you can use just about any plain text editor to create web
files. I'm a web developer by profession and can say that I prefer
dreamweaver mx to just about anything else I've used to date. Here are three
reasons why:
* Fantastic color coding of html, asp, cfm, jsp, php...etc, which makes it
very easy to quickly scan the source of my documents, find errors and be on
my way
* Websites can be setup with a document root so that find and replace
functions can be used throughout sites. Nice for global changes in sites.
* Pop-up boxes which help you fill in code as you write it. I love this
feature because it makes it easy to remember the syntax on the fly, and is
easy to work with.

There are other cool features as well, but those three stand out to me when
placed against the competition. I understand that the projects your teachers
have in mind will probably only consist of a simple page or ten, but I have
nothing but kudos for dreamweaver mx.

Just so you don't need to ask...
Yes, I work in code view only as I hate the excess junk _any_ wysiwyg editor
will add. *Hint: That's how you keep those web files manageable and light
Yes, I have tried other editors. Open Office, Textpad, Frontpage, Mozilla
and some others. Of the above, they either didn't have the features I
mentioned, did have them but didn't work well or simply choked on some of my
files as they were only meant to handle html files. Oh yeah, in in the case
of Frontpage, sometimes the programs would just give me heart burn. ;)
No, I don't work for macromedia.

If anyone has found an editor that has my plusses above, let us know.
Otherwise I'll keep on using dw thinking it's the best web editor around.
And I'd hate to be wrong...
There's my rant/rave.

Tim -ltsp enthusiast

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