[K12OSN] WAN eth1 DHCP to static IP

Jim Doyle jimsd at ltsp.com
Wed May 12 05:17:37 UTC 2004

I have been using DHCP to "Automatically obtain IP address" for my WAN
eth1 with no problems.  The school has given me 10.x.x.x "Statically set
IP address". I would like to change to the Static IP address.

I can change from DHCP to Static in the "Network Configuration"
"Ethernet Device" for "eth1" by selecting "Statically set IP addresses" 
and entering the "Address", Subnet mask" and the "Default gateway

And my question is: Do I have to make any other changes?

I believe I would have to restart the server ... Right?

You ask why change?  I have to restart the network every time the
district stop/starts the DHCP server.  I think with a static IP I will
not have to restart the network.

I am a volunteer at the school and only work a couple of days a week.

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