[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN Digest, Vol 3, Issue 49

Dan Bo faengoy at yahoo.com
Wed May 12 11:29:55 UTC 2004

I'm pretty sure that 8039s DON'T need the options, as
I use them all the time.  The 905 may or may not...
On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 07:05, Dana Persells wrote:
> I'm running rtl8039 on server and 1 client and a
> 3com905 on the other client. Both clients are
Earlier post: your dhcpd.conf showed:

host ws001 {
        hardware ethernet     00:4F:49:00:1A:CB;
#        option option-128     e4:45:74:68:00:00;  
#This is NOT a MAC address
#        option option-129     "NIC=ne IO=0x300";

If you are using rtl8039 in ws001 then the lines
option128/129 should
not have been commented out!!

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