[K12OSN] quirky behaviour

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed May 12 12:08:09 UTC 2004

Sounds like the XDM server isn't running.  What's happening is that the 
X11 server in /opt/ltsp/i386 (the one the thin client loads and runs) is 
indeed starting, but when it goes to do the xdm query, nothing's 
responding.  Do a "ps ax | grep gdm" and see if anything shows up.  If 
not, then you might be running kdm, so do "ps ax | grep kdm", and see if 
anything shows up.  Failing that, try the same thing for the original 
one, which goes by the totally original name of...xdm.  :-)

Let us know your results.


Huck wrote:

> Today power outtage ... test ltsp server isn't on UPS *doh*
> And afterwards I attempted to show someone how easily these
> thin clients work in regards to booting up and automagically
> attaching themselves to the server and getting the login screen
> and then running the applications etc etc...
> But...(there's always a but...)...all I got was the 'grainy' grey screen
> with the 'X' cursor in the middle...
> the mouse was able to move the cursor, although a login screen never
> did appear...
> help? =)
> --Huck
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