[K12OSN] Help to convince school

daniel.hunt at iibbank.ie daniel.hunt at iibbank.ie
Wed May 12 14:11:21 UTC 2004

>I think it is possible, just not practical in terms of bandwidth, to 
>play networked games.

Yeah I had thought that - it'd be absolute hell on the network all right

>Don't you mean to bring him FROM the dark side?

Nope, I meant what I said :) TO the dark side :p As much as I _know_ that
linux will be nothing short of perfect for the school (and all schools for
that matter) I will take my "linux is a load of sh*t" mantra to my grave :)

Dont' get me wrong - I'm fully aware of how powerful it is, and how much
better it is than windows! I've just had a _very_ unlucky streak with it
over the past 2 years or so, so I have become a head strong Linux-basher,
who loves linux! :D Get that one round your head :p

To Henry:
Thank you for the article - it's making for some very good reading! And
you're right about the money aspect :(


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