[K12OSN] SuSE over K12LTSP? So Sez District IT...

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Wed May 12 16:55:14 UTC 2004


Just got my first feedback (indirectly) from the district IT people (I have
been concentrating in putting together a proposal for building level admin
first before going to district. I gather that this can sometimes be a
REALLY messed-up deal politicaly and wanted the building-level people fully
on-board first before I came up on the district's radar). 

Anyway, what I gather from this second-hand feedback is that at least
somebody at district is not hostile to the idea, but he pushed going with a
SuSE-based implementation. The hypothesis is that since we are a
Novell-based district and that SuSE is afilliated with/owned by Novell,
there would be some advantages in going the SuSe route when/if this became
a bigger-than-building-level initiative and we wanted to integrate the
fuctions of the proposed labs with the district.

Now, this could be taken a couple of ways...one is that it would tend to
complicate initial deployment considerably: I gather that I would have to
get away from the turnkey simplicity of the integrated Fedora/K12LTSP model
and have to go in and set up SuSE, then LTSP, and then get all those apps
to push out to the clients properly one app at a time. How horrible would
this be, given my measureable but modest experience/talent as a LINUX
admin? I already have 9.0 at the house and have played with it some, but am
certainly no expert.

OTOH, there is the tantalizing prospect of district perhaps jumping on
board with both feet, at least at some point in the future. No reason in
making this any harder on them than I need to, without driving myself nuts
in the process. Or is there some intermediate solution, providing a "best
of both worlds" solution? Is my glass half-empty or half-full here?

Orangeburg, SC

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