[K12OSN] Mounting Novell 3.11 partition

Sudev Barar sudev at mantraonline.com
Thu May 13 00:16:26 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 22:37, Victor wrote:
> Does anyone know how to mount a Novell 3.11 partition on Linux system? I am
> using Fedora 1.
> I have a Novell 3.11 partition which has some bad sectors and I cannot start
> the Novell server from the SCSI hard disk.  As it contains many important
> information, I hope anyone can help me to receover as many as files from
> Novell 3.11 partition.
Assuming relevant tools are already installed. Here it goes:
1.Login as root

2.Type ipx_configure --auto_primary=on --auto_interface=on

3.Wait for a minute and type cat /proc/net/ipx_interface. You will get
the result like 

Network    Node_Address   Primary  Device     Frame_Type
AAAAAAAA   000CF16DC769   Yes      eth0       802.3

4.Type slist. You should see something like 

Known NetWare File Servers             Network   Node Address
SEREVR                                     00000250  000000000001

where SERVER is our novell server's name.

5.Type mkdir /home/netware to create a directory for mounting the
netware volumes.

6.Type ncpmount -S SERVER -U USER /home/netware
where USER is the user name. It will ask for the password. you have to
give novell server's password.

7.At this point your server is mounted on /home/netware. The volumes are
subdirectories under /home/netware. so the SYS volume would be
/home/netware/sys & VOL volume would be /home/netware/vol1.

8.To unmount the mounted volumes type ncpumount /home/netware.

This is what I use. I am still looking at ways to automate this so that
cron can do the job without user intervention. 
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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