[K12OSN] I need input from educators...

Erich Vinson erich at erichv.com
Thu May 13 05:08:30 UTC 2004

Greetings! First off, as a long-time Linux advocate, let me say the 
K12LTSP distro is a *FANTASTIC* thing! The benefits to our schools are 
immediately obvious. Anyhow, I would like some input from the community 
for an open-source software project that I am planning.

First, a small bit of background: I wrote some software in college that 
was pretty neat if I do say so myself. It was (for lack of a better 
term) like an educator's portal. You could have your students sign in, 
it would compile attendance data, you could generate tests on line, let 
students take the test using the software (it would instantly grade it, 
save essay questions), conference with parents via e-mail, keep a grade 
book, etc. The original software was written in ASP, but I have wanted 
to rewrite it in PHP for a long time. I want to give it away to anyone 
that wants it (under the GPL). K12LTSP seems like a perfect avenue for 
that, I would love to offer a finished product for inclusion in this distro.

Whether my software is eventually included as part of the distro or not, 
I would like some feedback from the professionals out there... What 
features would benefit you the most in the classroom? I am thinking of 
extending the functionality of the original project, and having modules 
for creating homework assignments, students doing homework online, etc. 
Maybe, just maybe, if the publishers agree, offer texts online? Easier 
said than done, I know, but I am just brainstorming here.

This is kind of my little way of giving back to the community at large, 
so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks in advance!

Erich Vinson

[note: I sent this message earlier from the wrong e-mail account... 
sorry for any duplicates!]

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