[K12OSN] LTSP w/2.6.6 kernel-NFS Daemon Failure

Erich Vinson erich at erichv.com
Thu May 13 05:26:22 UTC 2004

I still have yet to play with the 2.6.6 kernel. But, see my annotated 
responses below:

>Attempting to upgrade my 2.4.20 kernel to 2.6.6.
As a rule of thumb, I personally never upgrade my kernels unless I 
*really* need to.

>Downloaded the new kernel installed and compiled it. 
Get any errors, warnings, or info messages during compile?

>However, on boot, the NFS daemon fails to start.
Do you have an error message? To reproduce any errors, just type:
/etc/init.d/nfsd start
while logged in as root

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