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Another thing he was slightly worried about was the level of support
available for him. I wasn't able to convince him that there's a never ending
supply of _free_ support. Any help you need, yuo can get information from
the internet, and in most cases from the actual designers of the system
(like k12LTSP for example)

He is basically looking for someone to take the blame if the system gets
foo-barred. As a windows consultation company would - you know?

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When it comes down to it, there is only one way to sell K12LTSP.  Money, 
money, money.

Do a comparison of costs between replacing an exising lab with new 
computers and MS software and "replacing" the lab with a new server 
using the existing computers as clients (even with new monitors, 
keyboards, and mice) and interest will be there.  Do NOT forget to 
include the cost savings on managing the lab.

A comparison of replacing (assume 25 computers in a lab) with new MS 
computers (at about $1000 each) compared to reusing existing computers 
with new monitores, keyboards, and mice (~$250 each) and a server 
(~$3000) and the difference will turn some heads quickly.

Sell the cost savings to the "higher ups" and the teachers will be 
forced to follow.

Using this approach, you can show how much their "pet" software really 
costs.  General applications (web browser, office suite, email client, 
graphics manipulation, etc) are free, included, and fully tested in 
K12LTSP.  You get to find out how much Aceelerated Reader, etc, really cost.

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