[K12OSN] terrell prude, Jr. on pentium 166

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu May 13 11:50:45 UTC 2004

Gavin Chester wrote:

>Terrell, I was just trying to catch up with the last week's worth of
>postings to the list and I kept coming across your name again and again
>answering all sorts of threads - particularly starting with the feedback
>on setting up pentium 166s earlier.  Take a pill man and stop helping so
>hard ;-).  Really, you've got to get "employee of the week" award for
>all you've contributed to this list lately.  I hope your useful stuff on
>setting up older client PCs is "wiki-fied".  Well done.    

Hey, I'm just glad someone else is finding it useful.  That's kinda how 
things work, I guess--I can't tell you the first thing about Scribus, 
but I know old boxes pretty well.  :-)  We just jump in when there's 
something we happen to know about.

You know that old saying about "there's nothing so evangelistic as a 
converted skeptic"?  Well, I'm one of those.  Not so long ago I was 
preaching the greatness of Windows NT and how there was nothing better.  
What a difference a few years makes....


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