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anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Thu May 13 11:50:30 UTC 2004

Erich Vinson wrote:
> First, a small bit of background: I wrote some software in college that 
> was pretty neat if I do say so myself. It was (for lack of a better 
> term) like an educator's portal. You could have your students sign in, 
> it would compile attendance data, you could generate tests on line, let 
> students take the test using the software (it would instantly grade it, 
> save essay questions), conference with parents via e-mail, keep a grade 
> book, etc. The original software was written in ASP, but I have wanted 
> to rewrite it in PHP for a long time. I want to give it away to anyone 
> that wants it (under the GPL). K12LTSP seems like a perfect avenue for 
> that, I would love to offer a finished product for inclusion in this 
> distro.

This sounds a lot like freebrain.com (I think that's what is was 
called).  I used this briefly a couple of years ago.  I had quizzes, 
games and tests online, via this tool, that students could take online. 
  Of course, being an English teacher, I could only use it for grammar 
and vocabulary.  Reading assessment and papers wouldn't work, of course, 
except that students could submit their work in a drop box in a suitable 
file format (rtf).  It was useful.  Very useful.  A calendar/plan book 
on their would be useful too.  I keep a blog on my classroom site for 
communication with parents.  That's a useful tool.
I would like to be useful to you, if I may, in this project.  I am no 
developer (html is my only code, really) but I am a gimper/artist and 
can create images, etc.  I have quite a few images, splash screens, 
color themes, etc., up on KDElook.org (username: photodharma).  I do all 
the graphics for my own site, of course, school-library.net, and have a 
site full of my own art, photodharma.com
Also, I have quite a few writing activities and articles I use for 
reading assessments, etc., on my own classroom site 
(http://sterling.school-library.net) that I have or will release under 
creative commons, so that you could use them.  I am always tring to 
generate more stuff and have many plans for more curricula to be posted.

> This is kind of my little way of giving back to the community at large, 
> so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)
> Thanks in advance!
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> Erich Vinson
Anthony Baldwin
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