[K12OSN] Mozilla slow resolving

jam at mcquil.com jam at mcquil.com
Thu May 13 14:32:29 UTC 2004


Have you exited completely from mozilla ?
make sure it not still running.

Then, fire it up again and see what happens.

Mozilla likes to decide real early where it is going to get
it's dns info from.  If something changes under the hood, or if that
nameserver dies, mozilla doesn't deal with it very well.

Your first entry is  Make sure that named is running on your 
local server.  Maybe restart it.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Caleb Wagnon wrote:

> jam at McQuil.Com said:
> > Caleb,
> >
> > Sounds like your nameserver isn't configured properly.
> >
> > What do you have in /etc/resolv.conf ?
> resolv.conf:
> search samba local
> nameserver
> nameserver
> nameserver
> The thing is, everything else resolves fine. It's *just* in mozilla that
> reolving is slow.

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