[K12OSN] what sound cards y'all use in server?

Matthew Ross mross at esd165.org
Thu May 13 23:36:59 UTC 2004

As of yet, I haven't been able to get the sound to work on my test box, 
a Dell GXa. It's got a Crystal Sound chipset which uses the ad1868 
driver. I had the driver load, and it seemed to detect fine... but still 
no sound. It's not a permisions problem either...

Any ideas?


Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:

> Actually, I don't use one in my servers.  I stick 'em in the clients, 
> and the sound comes out there.  I'm using the ol' ISA SoundBlaster 16 
> cards.  Works great!
> --TP
> Huck wrote:
>> with all this talk about sound, I'm curious as to what works out of 
>> the box
>> because this AC97 stuff looks like a pain in the keister!
>> would be good to know what cards you just plug into the pci slot and 
>> kudzu
>> does the rest and all the admin would have to do is uncomment esd or 
>> nasd in lts.conf =)
>> --Huck

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