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Calvin Park, ADCS csitech at davisny.edu
Fri May 14 15:03:16 UTC 2004

Something you might also look into:


I haven't had a chance to play with it much, but at first glance it
appears to be exactly what we're looking for here to do backups. It is
even supposed to do M$ Windows machines. Over the summer we're going to
be testing it here...but it might be worth it to check out. Just a


On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 09:52, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> I am finally starting to mess with backing up my new servers.  What I am
> doing is setting up a backup server for all servers to send to.  I have
> exported an NFS of /backup to the network for the other servers to
> backup to.  I have issued a "mount xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/backup mnt/backup"
> to mount the NFS Export from the remote server on all other servers.  I
> am using the Webmin module for creating backups and have created nightly
> schedules for each server to do a full backup (at staggered times to not
> flood the backup server).  I plan on adding the mount of the NFS to
> /etc/fstab to mount the filesystem automatically on startup.
> Now for the questions.  
> 1. How do I create these as full backups every 7 days but incremental in
> the interim?  I want to have daily backups for a 7 day period mostly for
> user stupidity and have them backup incrementally after the first time.
> I have set the backup option to 9 instead of 0 (Full Backup) and I still
> get errors saying there is no previous backup so it defaults to a full.
> What is the best way to do this?
> 2. Is this the easiest way to restore a crashed system?  I am hoping to
> boot from a floppy or CD and just mount the NFS and run some simple
> restore command.  If so what commands would need to be issued.  I plan
> on crashing a test server and restoring it to prove that this works.
> 3. I am sure I can find this from another post in the archive, I saw it
> a while ago, but is there a list of files necessary to restore when
> moving to a new system?  If my server dies completely and has no hope of
> coming to life any time soon, and I find a new box and load WBEL on it,
> I need to restore /home and a handfull of other files to load the users
> and modules and say the appletalk and samba conf's.  Is there good area
> of reference to know what to restore for each service, or is that where
> experience comes in?
> 4. Security, I want to be sure some other linux user with a handfull of
> knowledge can't just jump on the network and start restoring files, how
> is this controlled.
> 5. Windows (forgive the profanity), are Windows systems able to mount
> NFS and backup to them as well?  This would be handy for some of our
> Windows servers to use that are not on the local network and thus have
> to access to Samba.
> 6. I am sure someone has a better way to do this, I am open to
> suggestions (as long as it doesn’t involve an overpriced and ancient
> technology like tapes).
> Thanks
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