[K12OSN] Server Backup

dloomis at cox-internet.com dloomis at cox-internet.com
Fri May 14 19:26:42 UTC 2004

I use something like Mike Rubel's method to do backups of all our office
pcs.  It works with Windows and Linux boxes.  I just mount the office pc on
a /home directory of the same name on the backup host using smbmount, do an
rsync of their My Documents and other important directories and then create
an iso of their backed up directories using mkisofs on the backup host.

All of the above is run by scripts each night as a cron job.  The iso files
are created each day of the week, i.e., ws1.mon, ws1.tue, ws1.wed, etc.
After seven days mkisofs overwrites the oldest file.  That way I have
complete backups for each day for the last 7 days.  Works great.  I only
make hardcopies of the latest iso file about once a week (thur or fri) for
offsite storage.


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