[K12OSN] lilo config? MBR hosery? boot issues...

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Sat May 15 00:15:05 UTC 2004

Les Mikesell wrote:

> Whichever of grub or lilo you installed last will overwrite the
> MBR, but it sounds like something is missing.  Does 'df' show any
> space remaining on your /boot partition?  If it is full, you
> may have installed too many kernels without removing any.
> rpm -qa |grep kernel
> should show the currently installed versions.  If there are quite
> a few, get rid of some with 'rpm -e ...'.  Then if you upgraded from
> CD's and haven't done an online update, do a 'yum update kernel' to
> install the latest available and fill in any missing pieces.  You
> may still have to patch up the grub installation or hand-edit
> /etc/lilo.conf

Just smack me now.
When did you tell me to comment out the message: /boot/message line?
Like 5 e-mails ago?
Well, I finally pico-ed /etc/lilo.conf and did as you said, re-ran
/sbin/lilo which worked, told her to reboot and
Back in business...
Why don't I just listen?
I didn't get the usual graphics on boot, just a prompt that said
LILO boot:
I hit enter and she was off to the races.
I'm kind of wondering what cause all this hosery in the first place.
It occurs to me that there was once a /boot/message and that somehow it 
walked away for the Light knows what reason...But it seems we can move 
on without it anyway...
Thanks so much for your patient and fruitful assistance.
I love this community!


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