[K12OSN] wine wmp

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sun May 16 00:33:37 UTC 2004

Looks like Windows Mediocre Player checks for certain versions of 
certain DLLs, doesn't see Microsoft's special signature on 'em, and 
quits, whether the app would actually run successfully without doing 
this check.  I can think of two reasons for this:

1.)  Force-feed OS upgrades down people's throats.
2.)  Keep it from running on WINE.

This reminds me of the DR-DOS and Windows 3.1 "errors" back in the early 

Consider using mplayer instead.  You will have to compile the src, but 
the learning curve isn't horrible.  I have several .WMVs, .AVIs, .ASFs, 
.MPGs, DivX, etc., and mplayer handles them all with aplomb.  Even plays 
RealVideo streams (not that well, though, but it does work).  But it 
would mean compiling source.

The other alternative is to get the codecs for Xine and install them.  I 
don't know if Xine can handle that as Red Hat compiles it (I haven't 
tried it since RHL 7.3).


anthony baldwin wrote:

> Hi,
> Do any of you have windopes mediocre player running?
> (I can't seem to get xine to play wmv)
> I dled wine and rpm -Uvh ed it, dled mp71.exe and did
> wine mp71.exe
> and the install started but eventually quit with a
> "you are trying to install wmp on an unsopported verions of windows"
> message.
> I'm crossposting my my lug and the K12 list.  For scosug, this is on 
> Fedora Core 1 based K12linux.
> tony

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