[K12OSN] I need input from educators...

Tom Haynes haynest at mchsi.com
Sun May 16 21:18:20 UTC 2004

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Sounds like an interesting idea. We're looking into using Moodle
(www.moodle.org) at the college that I work for...nevertheless, still
sounds like a cool idea. I'm sure that I could do some beta testing for
you or contribute some ideas (not much of a coder I'm afraid, only very
basic ASP and PHP, and some Perl). Let me know.


Moodle is great!

We love it and use it for all sorts of things. I like the quizzing and have
figured out how to import tests from my Houghton Mifflin PreCalc CD. We have
it set up to authenticate off the mail server.


Regards...   Tom

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