[K12OSN] Help: 2 dhcp servers!

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Mon May 17 01:28:32 UTC 2004

Is it ok if both eth0 and eth1 are plugged into the same hub?
If I use the non-standard port method then eth1 will use the schools dhcp 
server and eth0 will broadcast on a non-standard port. Will this work?

Robert Arkiletian

On Sunday 16 May 2004 4:39 pm, you wrote:
> \
> btw can you at least get them to reserve out a set of addresses you can
> use??my network is netmask exception for
> which is where i run my dhcp
> otherwise you can ues default 192.168 but you need to nics..one for ltsp
> ont to route addresses to the regular
> network..chuck
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