[K12OSN] Help me convince. :)

Jason Neiffer jneiffer at neiffer.com
Tue May 18 17:51:12 UTC 2004


I have been running K12LTSP for the past year in my classroom: one Dell
server (self-purchased) running both version 3 and then 4 to run 8 classroom
workstations.  It has been amazing: NO downtime, NO virus problems, and, as
a surprise to me: the kids love it.

I am moving districts in the fall and the district tech staff has already
said that Linux is... too risky, too insecure, and too hard to manage.  Now,
I can handle management chores myself (no problem!) but I was wondering if
anyone would offered some brief words on security and the fact that you
haven't had any virus problems, etc.

I know it's simply fear and inexperience driving this but pointing that out
won't help.  :)


Montana :)

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