[K12OSN] NVU Site Manager

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Tue May 18 20:19:57 UTC 2004

Thanks for all of the ideas guys...no luck on any of them..
in Firefox if I ftp://<username>:<passwd>@<site>   it works fine...
even ftp://<username>@<site>  works and just opens a little window to
input passwd...

but in Nvu no such luck...
going to make updating the site a pain...(at least with this product for


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"Huck" <dhuckaby at paasda.org> wrote:

I can't get it to retrieve the files from the remote server.

apparently i'm not understanding what "Publishing address (e.g.
'ftp://ftp.myisp.com/myusername'): means..

Huck, have you tried using an http:// URL, rather than an FTP one? Most
web page design tools I've seen have used http to *fetch* the pages -
after all, that's the protocol the web server uses - and then uses FTP
to publish or upload them.

I just used an http:// URL to fetch my own home page with Nvu, using
-> Open Web Location, and it worked like I'd expect.


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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