[K12OSN] library kiosks

Josiah Ritchie jritchie at bible.edu
Wed May 19 12:38:39 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 16:40, Tim Litwiller wrote:
> I want to setup several logins for a public area of the library.
> I would like these to autologon to an account that opens a browser to 
> the card catalog web page.
> I would also like the machine to log off and then back in if the browser 
> window is closed.
> Has anyone done something like this?  What would be the scurity issues I 
> need to worry about?

If you used a wm like ratpoison and then set up a logon script that
opened the browser for you automatically. Then it could keep track of
whether it was there or not and re-open it when it disappeared with a
simple script that parsed ps aux for the start command.

I don't know about the kiosk abilities built into LTSP so that might be
better, but it might be more complicated than you need.


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