[K12OSN] Re: CMapTools and K12LTSP

Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Wed May 19 14:54:58 UTC 2004

After your post about an Inspiration "clone" my mind went into full alert.
I am in the process of setting up an LTSP and this was one of the missing
apps ... so to have a concept mapping tool would be wonderful.
  I installed it at home on a Windows PC last night.  Yes it works well, but
is fairly simple.... not a lot of bells and whistles.  I also installed it
on my LTSP server this morning and arrived at the same conclusion that it is
NOT multi-user capable. It would have to be installed in each user's home

BUT here is a solution - theorically - not tried yet...
Linux has a /etc/skel/ directory that contains the "skeleton" on which a new
user is based.  IF ??? one were to install CMAP into a test user.  Then
BEFORE he "registers" it with his name and password, take the that directory
and plop it into the etc/skel.  A new user would then automatically get this
directory on the creation of a new user.

Then one would need to create an icon on the KDE desktop that runs sh
cmaptools without having the user go down to a terminal....

Do you think this would work?

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David Trask wrote:

> The other day I downloaded and installed this killer
> app (Inspiration look-alike) called CMapTools.  It works great....for
> one
> user.  Has anyone tried this app and does anyone have any ideas on how
> I
> can get it installed "multi-user" on the K12LTSP server?


I don't have an answer, but am interested in how things turn out.  I
tried to install this app but didn't get it to run for even one user
:-(  However, that is not uncommon for me.

Which version of K12LTSP are you using?  Where did you install to? How
did you install?  From source, or using the binary?

Jimmy Schwankl

It's easier to take it apart than to put it back together.
		-- Washlesky

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