[K12OSN] Joining XP system to Samba

Mark Orenstein morenstein at alum.mit.edu
Wed May 19 17:35:10 UTC 2004

I initially converted from samba2 to samba3 with the signorseal patch
applied.  When I read that it was not longer required, I removed it on a
couple of XP Pro PC's and logons seemed to work fine, so in my next lab
sweep, I removed it from all the XP Pro PC's.  I don't think that it impacts
any samba3 fuctionality, but I am not an expert.  It's probably better to
post this question to the samba list.

Also, take a look at the following smb.conf parameters
server schannel
server signing
client schannel
client signing


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>signorseal patch is no longer needed
>> for samba3.
Does it hurt?  Meaning will it prevent anything if the signorseal patch is
applied in Samba 3?

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