[K12OSN] Newbie -> (Fedora Core 2+LTSP) OR (K12LTSP plus CORE 2 updates)

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Wed May 19 18:19:12 UTC 2004


I'm about to install my first ever thin client setup.  This is just for my 
house.  I want a cheap way to distribute some workstations throughout the 
place, for the kids, media, etc., and leverage the fact that I already run 
and maintain a very lightly used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) 
development server in the basement anyway.

So, I have a new server coming in the mail and I'm trying to figure out 
what to install on it.  (As an aside, have you folks seen the specs on the 
Dell Poweredge 400sc, I got one with a P4 2.26 on eBay for $355 shipped, 
seems like a lot of bang for the buck)  I need a PHP/MySQL/Apache web 
server on the public IP and I want thin clients on the internal Eth.  I'd 
like to start off up to date vis-a-vis what's in the Fedora Core 2 
package.  I'd like to have all the apps available too, I don't need to 
limit what's on the server like you might in a school.

So, should I install K12LTSP 4.0.1 and then update the hell out of it?  Or, 
should I install Fedora Core 2 and then add LTSP?  What's going to be 
easiest/quickest installwise?  what's the most stable?  What will give me 
the most usable features in terms of both of the kinds of servers that I'm 
expecting this thing to be?

My inclination is to install the K12LTSP first, because it seems like 
there's a lot of value added work done as far as the LTSP 
installation/configuration.  But it's more of a guess than an informed 

Maybe there's no clear answer here, but I'd enjoy a debate of the topic.

Thank you in advance for any opinions or experiences you'd care to share.



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